“Come to discover the treasures hidden within You!”

Online programs


Do you want to be able to motivate your team and really start a business?

Do you long to have more beautiful and fulfilling relationships?
Do you want to experience joyful and harmonious relationships at home and at work?

Would you like to attract different types of people to cooperate with?
Do you want to know what motivates and on the contrary demotivates someone?
Would it help you to know what basis the different people make decisions on?

ONLINE PROGRAM where you will get to understand in depth not only others, but also yourself …

“LIVE” seminars


Transform your fear into strength! Become the creator of your reality and stop being just a “manager” of your circumstances.

You will experience firsthand that obstacles exist mainly in our minds. You will learn mental techniques that will help you turn dreams into reality!

Transformational firewalking is a program that will move you in both personal and professional life!

Language: Czech
Date: 11.-12.8.2022

osobní rozvoj


Do you want to experience more inner peace, well-being and joy? Come to relax and recharge your batteries. We will dive into the secrets of quantum physics and use it in the practice. Lots of inspiration, fun and self-knowledge await you. Let’s look at things from a different angle – we’ll go “out of the box”.

I myself have experienced a “quantum healing” and I will share with you not only philosophy, but also practical techniques how to turn the “impossible” into the “possible”. Come and experience the quantum journey!


Language: Czech
Date: 25.-27.7 2022



Continuation of the legendary seminars Quantum Journey I., II., III….

An exceptional time demands exceptional deeds. This time the seminar will be in the spirit of “Attendees of all advanced levels – let’s unite!” Welcome to the QUANTUM JOURNEY – NEXT LEVEL 2022! This is a seminar for ATENDEES of QUANTUM JOURNEY II., III. and IV. degrees! You have something to look forward to, it will be a ride! 🙂

Language: CZECH
Date: 28.-30.7 2022

osobní rozvoj

Money Magnet

Do you want to attract more abundance into your life? If YES, you’re at the right place! This seminar is just for you. We will show you how to become a “magnet” not only for money and success, but also how to experience abundance in all areas of your life. I will share the know-how I have gained from my mentors (multi, multi, multi-millionaires), who I have traveled the world with. Now I bring this know-how to you as well.

This seminar is for a limited V.I.P. group max. 18 people.

Language: Czech
Date: 1.-2.8.2022.


Turn fear into power!

“Renata, I have never dreamed of today’s wildest dreams and I must say that it was an indescribable experience, which I thank you for wholeheartedly. I found out how to work with the obstacles we set ourselves and I look forward to my new beginning. You have so much love and energy in you and give it to the people around you. Thank you. “

Alena Horká

“The seminar that has absolutely exceeded all my expectations will certainly serve everyone who wants to overcome and push their boundaries.”

Jaroslav Šibroch

“Renčo thanks. This seminar helped me cleanse myself, get rid of my fears and limits and thus move on my intentions regarding business and personal development.”

Petr Zrek


“I have had wonderful experience full of self-knowledge, crossing my own shadows and leaving fear !!! Thank you and I am grateful for the great day full of love and great people! Rencho, thank you, you are a wonderful and pure soul. “

Barbora Broučková

“I have a strong belief that everyone can live a happy life, and it’s up to us. I believe that I and everyone else will succeed. Thank you for a super unusual experience that opens up new dimensions in my life. “

Anděla Jansová

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“This should be mandatory for all expectant parents to lead their children from a young age so that it makes sense, especially for the personal growth of the coming generation, which will one day do this again with their children.”

Pavel Studýnka

“Thank you for cleansing my soul and getting rid of all fears. Thanks.”

Petr Ferko

“Thank you very much for the wonderful experience that filled me to the brim with energy and strength to get rid of fear and achieve my dreams. Thanks.”

Lenka Dudášová

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I am here for you!

We can do it together!

Do you long to become a magnet for abundance, joy and success? Do you want to experience the “Quantum Leap” in business or health? Do you want to discover the “magic of communication” and improve your personal and work relationships? Would you like to use the “Law of Attraction” and do business with joy and ease? Do you want to burn your fears and become a conscious creator of your reality? And much, much more …

If YES, you’re in the right place!

You can experience the transformation “live” or from the comfort of your home.

In 2022, the seminars will take place “live”, “online” and in a combined form. You have something to look forward to! 🙂

I look forward to seeing you!

A few words from clients …

What do those, who have experienced Renata’s programs,
seminars or coaching, say – testimonials from the happy clients.

“Hello Renata, after the weekend with you I’m just smiling and full of energy, it was absolutely great! Thank you again. I’m happy to know you! You’re the unique life teacher. We can see and feel that you love what you do, you share it wholeheartedly with others and you put all yourself in it. So I will be very much looking forward to every our next meeting or cooperation 🙂

Lucia Stašeková, Real Woman

“Hi Renata, I have to thank you once again for a wonderful weekend. I must say that you are the first person to open my heart. I tried for a year and a half, but I still didn’t know how and couldn’t let go of my past and my fears. This morning before training, I felt so relaxed that I felt like I was floating. 🙂 I feel really great! Thank you for an unforgettable experience and a leap in my career! I’m looking forward to the next reunion!

Petra Krejsová, professional tennis player

Photos from events

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Renata Angelo
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“Enjoy it! Laugh heals…”

– Renata

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