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Her mission is to raise consciousness and to support billions of people in becoming the best versions of themselves..

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Renata embodies the essence of inspiration as an international speaker, coach, and visionary. Her journey includes co-authoring the US bestseller ‘Pushing To The Front’ alongside the renowned Brian Tracy, and contributing to the transformative world bestseller ‘Performance 360: Success Edition’ alongside visionaries like Richard Branson.

For over two decades, Renata has passionately dedicated herself to personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Her unwavering mission is to unlock the full potential within individuals and organisations, empower them to turn the ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’ and achieve remarkable results.

Renata has graced stages alongside esteemed figures such as Brian Tracy, Allan Pease, Forbes Riley and Marie Diamond, leaving an indelible mark of motivation and empowerment. Armed with a Master’s degree in ‘Training and Development,’ she has shared her wisdom at prestigious institutions like Griffith University in Australia.

A beacon of empowerment, Renata has addressed audiences for prestigious entities including the American and British Chambers of Commerce, UNICEF, and global corporations like HP, IKEA, and T-Mobile. Her transformative trainings, coupled with her certification as a Firewalking instructor from the esteemed F.I.R.E. Institute, have sparked profound transformations in tens of thousands worldwide through seminars, books, online programs and cutting-edge Quantum coaching.


Renata’s journey is not just about success—it’s about lighting the path for others to discover their own brilliance and create lives of purpose and fulfillment.
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“If You Think You Can Or You Can’t You Are Right”

 – Henry Ford

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How Did Her QUANTUM JOURNEY Started?

After enduring a motorbike accident in Australia, Renata found herself confined to a wheelchair, grappling with chronic back pain 24/7 for three years. Despite being labeled ‘partially permanently disabled’ and urged to accept a life of pain, she defiantly chose to redefine ‘impossible’ as ‘possible,’ embarking on a quest to find a cure for her chronic pain. Three years later, she experienced a breakthrough. Renata self-healed at quantum speed during meditation, unlocking a blueprint to manifest the seemingly impossible across all aspects of life—health, wealth, relationships, and more. Renata began sharing her transformative journey and knowledge, inspiring others to unleash their full potential.

Through her coaching, seminars, books, audios, and online programs, Renata empowers individuals worldwide to become the best versions of themselves. She not only boosts confidence but also guides individuals toward happier, healthier, and wealthier lives. Her trainings have catalyzed the growth of numerous businesses, enabling them to expand their teams and skyrocket revenues.

Renata is affectionately known as the Queen of Manifestation for her profound insights into the Law of Attraction, Psychology, Neuroscience, and Quantum Physics. She firmly believes in the untapped potential within each individual, far beyond their wildest dreams and expectations. Renata empowers you to become a conscious creator of your reality, freeing you from the role of mere manager of your circumstances.

Are you ready to embark on a quantum journey to unlock your full potential? 🙂

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“The biggest obstacles exist in your mind!”

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I’ve shared stages with world-class speakers, including Allan Pease, Brian Tracy, Marie Diamond … and many more





Sharing stages

with world-class speakers and inspiring people all around the world was a great honour for me …

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Renata and her guests bring inspiration and motivation directly to the comfort of  home of millions of people around the world helping to rise consciousness on our planet.

What People Say About Renata?

Lenka Palašová

Lenka Palašová

“I have experienced TRANSFORMATIONAL MENTORING program with Renata as well as TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING. It was an incredible experience, totally worth it. It was the best decision ever!

Renata helped me to
get rid off my panic attacks which I had with regards to flying and as a result I was able to visit my daughter on another continent after 3 years! It was such a joyful reunion and it meant the world to me. 

She also SAVED MY 30-YEAR MARRIAGE! For many years we did not have any communication and now we feel close than ever and we have a great intimacy. When Renata showed me where I was making mistakes it was priceless.

Since I started 1:1 coaching, I have much more ENERGY and I overcame my depression and burnout. All thanks to Renata. I can not thank her enough. MY LIFE has turned around 180 degrees and it is so much better!  I recommend Renata’s coaching to everyone!

“Thanks to Renata’s mentoring, I deepened my relationship with my daughter. Before I felt lost and I did not have a clear sense of direction in my life. Now I have a clarity in my goals and strategy how to achieve them. I definitely recommend Renata’s mentoring to my friends and to those who want to live fulfilled live with purpose.”

Zdeněk Sadil, Entreprenuer Broker Consulting

“I have learned to follow my intuition and I am more fulfilled and happy. I really recommend Renata’s coaching.”

Eva Kuchtová, Entreprenuer

“Thanks to Renata’s mentoring I am more happy and I also in in “flow”.  I have learned how to meditate and I am more centred and peaceful. I feel fulfilled at work. I am proud that I have lost few kilos during the program and now I experience passion in my relationship again. I fully recommend Renata’s coaching to everyone.”

Květa Svobodová, Bohemia

Firewalking Renata Angelo
Renata Angelo
Firewalking Renata Angelo

My Mission Is to Help You Rise Consciousness,
So You Can Become The Best Version of Yourself…

Those who inspired me …

I have found inspiration in my mentors and exceptional speakers including Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Nick Vujicic, Jack Canfield, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, John Demartini, Marie Diamond, Masaru Emoto, Dan Millman, Amit Goswami, Blair. Singer, Tolly Burkan, Kim and Robert Kyiosaki, Tom Wheelwrite, Allan Pease, Sir John Whitmore, Adam Hudson, Scott Harris, J.T. Fox, Raymond Moody, Ihaleakala Hew Len, Brazilian shamans, Australian Aborigines and many others…


Words Of Happy Clients

“Thanks to Renata’s mentoring I got promoted to a higher position at work. I have more happy customers and larger team. My revenues increased. I would totally recommend Renata’s mentoring to everyone who is in MLM business and who wants to grow. “

Kateřina Kosová

“After Renata’s coaching I am full of energy and excitement. I am captivated by her personality and by the love with which she helps others to achieve their goals. I have overcame my fears and anxiety and I feel happy and fulfilled. Renata, I can not thank you enough and I fully recommend your coaching.

Bronislava Leitman

“It was the best training I have ever experienced. Very inspiring. You are amazing. Thank you so much.” 

Šárka Hušková

“I definitely recommend Renata’s mentoring. She has a great intuitive ability to figure out what you need and she will show you how to get it. I love her personal approach and I appreciated the practical steps and strategies that I could apply immediately and I got the great results in both: my personal and professional life.”

Hana Michalová

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“I’m looking forward to getting in touch with you!”

– Renata

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