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Get from Stressed to Blessed in No Time

  • Do you have ambitious GOALS?
  • Would you like to attract more ABUNDANCE into your life?
  • Would you like to increase you WEALTH, have better HEALTH and more free TIME?
  • Would you like to live in a “FLOW”, experiencing inner PEACE and HAPPINESS?
  • Would you like your subconscious MIND to start SUPPORTING you instead of sabotaging you?

But instead…

While you are focusing on making money and running business, you feel are NOT getting ahead as fast as you would like to. You feel GUILTY that you don’t have enough time for your kids, your partner or even for yourself. You feel EXHAUSTED

Or maybe you are successful, but still STRUGGLING on some level. Thinking… There must be a better way… Wondering… Where is the key to success?

The KEY to success lies within you…

What The World Leaders Say About Renata?

Brian Tracy and Renata Angelo

RENATA IS AN EXCEPTIONAL “LIVE” AND “BUSINESS” COACH, she is an excellent speaker and a great trainer. She is the co-author of two world bestsellers and inspires people all over the world. We have worked together for several years in the United States and the Czech Republic. Renata’s seminars are very INSPIRATIONAL and INTERACTIVE. They are focused on PRACTICAL SKILLS that you can immediately apply in your life and achieve EXCELLENT RESULTS with them. ”

BRIAN TRACY (author of 50 bestsellers, motivational speaker, CEO Brian Tracy International)

Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond
Feng Shui Master and teacher from the book “THE SECRET”

“Renata is an agent of change in your life. Her life is an example of what willpower can do. Renata sets an example and her coaching and seminars will support you in making a change in your life and becoming an agent of change for the people you work with and live with.
I have a deep respect for Renata and her work.

Ivana Christová

Ivana Christová
National Sales Director MARY KAY

“Renata, I have experienced a total transformation. After firewalking with you, I managed to INCREASE the REVENUES of my team by 220%. Incredible!!!  I opened my heart and I start believing in myself. I am so grateful to have you as my coach. You are amazing and I do recommend it to absolutely everyone.”

Iva Buriánková

Iva Burianková
Presidental Director NUSKIN

“Since I have been working with you, I have clarified my GOALS and my PRIORITIES. I have more ENERGY and I INCREASED my TURNOVER significantly. My life is more balanced and fulfilling. Communication with others has improved a lot and I have better time management. Thank you so much!” 


with Renata Angelo and Jillian Michaels

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Renata is a co-author of two world bestsellers

PERFORMANCE 360: Success Edition
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with Brian Tracy and others

Become the best version of yourself!


 Turn your dreams and goals into reality NOW by using proven SYSTEM, effective TECHNIQUES and STRATEGIES. 

Harness the POWER of your subconscious mind.

Increase your CONFIDENCE.

Develop empowering HABITS and get closer to the life of your dreams.

Become a magnet for CLIENTS and new BUSINESS PARTNERS.

 Get into “FLOW” and take inspired action.

Happy corporate clients

Inspiring people around the world

by using the LAW OF ATTRACTION in action!

Many Thanks To My Mentors…

Brian Tracy

Tony Robbins

Nick Vujicic

Sir John Whitmore

Deepak Chopra and Renata Angelo

Deepak Chopra

Kim Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki

Jack Canfield

Deepak Chopra and Renata Angelo

Harry Singha

Paul O’Mahony

Saj Thathiah

Ryan Tuckwood

Allan Pease & Renata Angelo

Allan Pease

John Demartini and Renata Angelo

John Demartini

Don Miguel Ruiz and Renata Angelo

Don Miguel Ruiz

Amit Goswami and Renata Angelo

Amit Goswami

Blair Singer & Renata Angelo

Blair Singer

Adam Hudson and Renata Angelo

Adam Hudson

Dan Millman

Marie Diamond

Scott Harris and Renata Angelo

Scott Harris

Masaru Emoto

Raymond Moody and Renata Angelo

Raymond Moody

Tom Wheelwrite and Renata Angelo

Tom Wheelwrite

Donny Epstein and Renata Angelo

Donny Epstein

Joseph McClendon III and Renata Angelo

Joseph McClendon III.

Tolly Burken and Renata Angelo

Tolly Burken

J. T. Fox and Renata Angelo

J. T. Fox

Renata on TV  


Renata is often guest on many TV shows through which she has inspired millions of people around the world.


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Become a conscious creator of your reality and stop being just a manager of your circumstances. Once and for all get rid of the limiting beliefs and blocks that sabotage your success. Use your full potential and live the life of your dreams!

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“Live” and “virtual” events, online programs, and more… Everything you need for your personal, professional and spiritual development. Let’s embark on the quantum journey of self-discovery. Become the best version of yourself… 🙂

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Motivation and inspiration in your pocket! Audio programs and e-books that will lift your spirit and make your soul sing. Whether you are at home or on the road, you can have the words of wisdom and inspiration by your side…

Stories of Happy Clients


Monika Čejková podnikání z pláže

Monika Čejková

INVESTING into coaching with Renata was the BEST DECISION I have ever made.

In the firth month of coaching MY REVENUES SKYROCKETED. They went up more than I expected. 

I gained CLARITY and I set new PRIORITIES towards even bigger goals. Amazing MIRACLES began to happen after I made a decision to invest into myself.

Thanks to Renata I have even more courage and I take an ACTION in the right direction. 

It is priceless to have the right coach with whom you can discuss your ideas. It is thousand times better than doing it on your own. Renata is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST MENTOR I could have imagined. I fully recommend her.”



“Dear Renata, I have achieved more, during two months of your coaching, than I did during one and half year working on my own.

In the FIRST MONTH of coaching, I had RECORD REVENUES! I have developed new habits. The best part is, that now I have more clients and also more free time! Because I don’t waste my time anymore and I stopped procrastinating. 

Your coaching meant the world to me! I can’t express it in words. For me, your coaching was the BEST INVESTMENT in my life. You are an amazing person and a great role model. I am so grateful that you are my mentor. Thank you!”

Marcela Elblová, PowerPlate 4U, Fitness owner


30 min Consultation For Entrepreneurs

Who will be your mentor?


It would be my honor to be a guide on your path to success and to support you in becoming the best version of yourself!


Renata is a very charismatic speaker, she knows what she is talking about. She has a lot of experiences and she can help you to get awesome results. Her energy is captivating and engaging!! I’ll definitely work with Renata again!

Susanna Beatrice, Europe's Premier Transformational leader, purpose-driven business coach and serial entrepreneur.

“Transformational coaching with Renata was the BEST INVESTMENT for me. I have discovered my enormous potential and I started using it. Renata is an excellent coach and amazing mentor. She is an exceptional person full of energy. She is empathetic, positive, inspiring…

She showed me a different angle how to see my business. I recommend her programs and coaching to everyone. If you are into personal and professional development, if you are committed to become the best version of yourself, if you want to learn from the best, I fully recommend Renata. She has helped me to find my inner “diamond” and supported me to shine. I know she can do it for you too.” 

PhDr. Mária Gáliková, Business etiquette and communication coach

“Renata’s coaching is incredible. Renata helped me to clarify my goals and together we developed a strategy, how to achieve them. Renata is very intuitive and she will understand what you need. She will give you great support and boost your confidence. After every coaching I was always inspired and full of energy. People told me I am shining like a star! I definitely recommend Renata’s coaching to everyone. 

Markéta Zachystal, Fincentrum

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“Let’s turn your goals into reality now!”


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