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Renata’s background

Renata is an inspirational speaker, coach and a bestselling author. Her life mission is to raise consciousness on this planet. She believes that within you there is an amazing potential, and she wants to help you to connect with it. Renata feels blessed that she has cracked the code to quantum healing and she was able to self-heal. Her life purpose is to inspire you that anything is possible. She would love to teach you how you can develop your intuition and she is ready to empower you to take action steps that will turn your dreams and goals into reality. She would love to show you how to tap the power of your sub-conscious and super-conscious mind.

Renata has fifteen years of experience in the areas of personal, professional and spiritual development. She was teaching the subject of “Training and Development“ at Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia. In Europe, she founded three companies and she was also a co-founder of a non-profit organization, Czech Vipassana o.p.s., that holds meditation courses. Renata lived on four continents, and that gave her great opportunities to meet and understand people from different cultures. She has discovered success principles that are universal, and she would love to share them with you.

Renata was featured on national TV and she was also invited to speak on radio shows and educational conferences. She has published articles in personal development magazines and co-authored US BestSelling books with Brian Tracy and Richard Branson.

Renata is often invited as a keynote speaker to corporate events and conferences. Many corporations book her to lead transformational seminars and teambuilding events. Her programs are highly interactive, fun and they will challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone.

Renata is a certified firewalking instructor from F.I.R.E. Institute in USA, where she studied under Tolly Burkan. She is famous for her transformational firewalking program where she teaches advanced mental techniques during which she safely leads participants to walk over fire (not only hot coals).
Renata is also a crew member on UPW event with Tony Robbins.

Renata offers private coaching she would feel honored to help you to take your life to a next level. Renata discovered principles and techniques that you can apply to all areas of life (career, relationships, finances…) and she would enjoy being your guide on your journey to success.
Renata believes that our minds are sending and receiving stations. When you raise your vibrations and tune yourself into an abundance frequency, you get yourself into a flow. She will help you to raise your consciousness to a level where you connect with your intuition, and as a result you will experience “co-incidences“ and serendipitous moments in your life.

Renata loves sharing her experiences and knowledge about application of Law of Attraction in action. She will reveal how to correctly create a powerful vision board, how to use mental techniques like visualizations, meditations, relaxation, affirmations, NLP, etc. She will explain how she self-healed. She will give you opportunity to experience paradigm shift, fire walking, walking over broken glass, board-breaking and much more…
Renata clients are corporations like AEGON, ALLIANZ, American Chamber of Commerce, British Chamber of Commerce, Hewlett Packard, IKEA, ING, Mary Kay, Metlife, METRO, Mountfield, NuSkin, O2, T-Mobil, Unicef and many others.

Renata was a key note speaker on seminars and conferences in Europe, America and Australia. She facilitated team building programs in Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Czech.

Renata will inspire and empower you to get from where you are to where you want to be fast.

People who inspired and influenced Renata

Renata found a lot of inspiration from Tony Robbins, Nick Vujicic, Brian Tracy, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, Amit Goswami, Dan Millman, Sir John Witmore, Marie Diamond, Masaru Emoto, and many others…